Police Investigating Homicide In Glasgow Village

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NORTH ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KTVI) -Police have identified the man found dead in his home in Glasgow Village, and they now say he was murdered.

Ramon Taylor, 46, was discovered by his niece about 3:30 Thursday afternoon. Relatives say they hadn't heard from Taylor in a couple of days.  The niece, who lives across the street, let herself in with a key and found the body.

Police describe her phone call as frantic.  Officers responded and were on the scene for several hours, knocking on neighbors doors and painstakingly searching Taylor's home.

Police say they are looking into robbery as one possible motive.

Family members say Taylor had returned to St. Louis recently after living in Iowa for several years.  They say he had been in the home on Valley Drive for just a couple of weeks.

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