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Jodi Arias Sex Tapes Played In Murder Trial

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PHOENIX, AZ - There was more shocking testimony Wednesday at Jodi Arias' murder trial. Prosecutors played phone sex tapes Arias made with the man she is accused of killing.

Jodi Arias had a nickname for Travis Alexander. She told the court, she liked to call him "Hottie Biscotti". Why then if she had such affection for him, did she shoot him, stab him dozens of times and cut his throat? Judging from the couple's phone sex tapes played in court on Thursday, Arias seemed to be enjoying the relationship, especially their sex life.

"Remember the first time that you and I grinded? Um, at Aronburg, it was so hot." said JODI ARIAS.

That enjoyment strongly contradicts her testimony that Travis Alexander physically and sexually abused her, and made her feel like a prostitute. Here's more:

"I would really like to marry a return missionary but like you, someone who can be freaky. I worry that I might feel like a wilting flower, is all, whose never fully blossomed to her full potential, at least in the sexual realm. I feel like I have with you, but I still have plenty of blossom time left." said JODI ARIAS.

The couple's texts about their plans for the movie were shown in court. In one text, arias suggested she wanted to dress up and more.

It's no secret Arias hasn't exactly been forthcoming with the truth. Not just about her relationship with Travis Alexander, but also about what really happened the night she killed him. First, she told investigators she wasn't at his house that night, then she changed her story; telling investigators and a reporter from 48 Hours it was a home invasion with two masked intruders. Clips of that television interview were played here in court, including this part about her miraculous escape, as her ex-boyfriend lay dying.

That wasn't the end of her lies. In court, she was asked about a phone call she made to the detective investigating Alexander's murder just days after she killed him. on that recorded call she lied again. Playing dumb about how he was killed. Even though she knew she'd stabbed him and shot him.

By: Randi Kaye