STL Moms: Children And Medication

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With the sickness going around, your child may be taking some kind of medication. If they are not good at taking medicine it can be a challenge.

Pediatrician Dr. Kirstin Lee with St. Louis Children's Hospital shared some tips from nurses who have tried just about every method:

  1. Be calm.
  2. Remember that you are the parent and medications are not optional.
  3. Don`t lie to your child by saying things like 'you`ll like this' if you know in fact that it tastes terrible.
  4. Many common medications come in multiple forms which may include liquids, chewable, dissolving tablets, capsules that can be opened and mixed into foods or swallowed whole,
  5. Some liquid medications can be flavored by the pharmacy to match your child`s preference
  6. Some capsules can be opened into peanut butter which is hard to spit out.
  7. Oral medication syringes are AWESOME.
  8. For infants and very young children use the syringe to put small amount of medications between the lower gums and cheek.
  9. Bribes are OK, just make sure you can follow through on them.
  10. Older children can be taught to swallow pills.