UMSL Student Barely Escapes Attacker At Metrolink Station

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NORMANDY, MO (KTVI) - She was riding alone on the Metrolink and got off to head home. That’s when a student at University of Missouri in St. Louis says she was chased by a would-be attacker and barely got away.

UMSL freshman Derria Davis works part-time at a business in the Loop.  She doesn’t have a car, so takes the Metrolink from campus to her job.  But on Wednesday night, that five minute trip was five minutes too long.

Davis says a man, who appeared to be in his 30s, eyed her on the Metrolink. When she got off at the UMSL South stop, so did he.

She explains, “He starts to run and said I walk too fast, so at this point, I start booking it towards the closest building where I know I can swipe my ID to get in and he can’t get in.  I get there, he comes, bangs on the door, rattles, and I’m just freaking out and call UMSL police.”

This isn’t the first time she’s been followed from this Metrolink stop.  Four weeks ago, Davis says a similar incident happened, but the stranger didn’t fit the same description.

Both times, UMSL police responded, but only after the men got away. Now, the freshman feels vulnerable: “They responded 20 minutes late, and then the residential life, there’s supposed to be someone there at all times, they’re not there, no one hears or sees anything.”

Bob Samples with UMSL Communications says the school is saturated with security, and provides a police escort for anyone who feels unsafe. “It’s not just being safe, it’s feeling safe, and we want to make sure we do both well,” he says.

He adds that UMSL is the safest campus, statistically speaking, in the St. Louis area.

UMSL police took down Davis’ description of the man in this latest incident, and distributed it to nearby police departments. It’s unclear whether police are using surveillance footage in their investigation, since FOX2 has learned not all buildings on campus are equipped with security cameras.

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