37 Pound Cat Gets Adopted After National Spotlight

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ST. CHARLES, MO (KTVI) - In case you didn't know, this cat is kind of a big deal around here.

"We had well over 100 people, maybe 200 people respond," says Teresa Gilley with the St. Charles Animal Control.  "We're still getting phone calls today and emails."

"It's a lot of cat to pet," says Patrick Clark petting this giant pussy cat.

Weighing in at almost 40 pounds, this mouser has made the news lately with inquiries from Arizona to Australia. Heck, even Anderson Cooper wanted him to come right meow to New York.

"He's pretty much taken over the area and thinks he's boss of our shelter now," says Gilley.  "Poor Baxter is being left out."

But Baxter will get the run of the roost soon enough because Biscuit is bound for a new home.  He's been a bit of a star lately since he's not the size of your average cat.

"Probably about 1- to 14 pounds," says Gilley describing the average cat's weight.  "Our house cat here weighs 13 pounds and then Biscuit is now about 35 or 36.  He's lost a little bit."

A Eureka couple is gaining a new housecat that likes to be brushed. They're claiming the cat that's been dubbed the tubby tabby.

"Biscuit is a lot like you and I," says Clark. "For him to lose all this weight it's going to take a little bit of time."

Banfield pet hospital, a national veterinary chain in Petsmart stores has a plan to purrfect this cat's diet.

"Banfield corporate office has offered a year wellness plan for free to the new adopters to help maintain Biscuit's weight," says Gilley.

Next week, he'll head to his new home and begin his new life to add to his other nine.  So this tail has a happy ending and if all goes well, a slimmer kitty in the near future.

Patrick Clark, news 11.