EPA To Test More Elmwood Park Homes For Contamination

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ELMWOOD PARK, MO (KTVI)-- Residents concerned about an old chemical spill try to get answers Thursday night.

Residents in the Elmwood Park neighborhood near Overland want to know if they face health risks and contamination.

The Environmental Protection Agency confirms the contamination extends beyond the area originally thought to be impacted.  It’s a slow process but the goal is first determine where it is and then begin clean up.

Some of the families have lived in Elmwood Park for years. But last summer they learned the level of contamination underground and inside some homes is an issue that needs to be addressed.

The EPA is managing the project to see just how serious it is.

Eleven homes had some samples collected in November. Based on those results the agency now plans to test at an additional 24 homes. But homeowners are frustrated that previous owners of a metals plant knew years ago they were contaminating the soil.

The EPA won't actually begin any clean up until after they determine just how far the contamination has spread.  Residents were given information by the Missouri State Health Department on how to go for health screenings to determine if their health has been effected.