Former New Athens Police Chief Admits Misconduct

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NEW ATHENS, IL (KTVI)-- The former chief of the New Athens, IL police department admitted to official misconduct on Thursday, a class 3 felony.

The charge centers on an incident involving an IPad and IPod.  Dallas Hill removed those electronic devices from an evidence locker for his own personal use.

The admission of official misconduct also results in 18 months of probation.

"He is no longer able to carry a badge or a gun," explained St. Clair County State`s Attorney Brendan Kelly.  "He will not be able to be a police officer in the future."

Charges against Hill were first filed in November.  Some New Athens residents are glad the scandal appears to be over.

"The big problem is that a bad cop insults the courage and the sacrifice of good cops," said Kelly.

St. Clair County's top prosecutor hopes the agreement will help restore confidence in the legal system.

"95% of the police officers out there are working very hard," said Kelly.   "They're out their putting their lives on the line every day and they do it with integrity."

Hill will also lose his paycheck.  He had been on paid leave.