Girl Basketball Player Body Slams Opponent During Playoff Game

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OKAWVILLE, IL (KTVI)--  Video of one high school girls basketball player throwing her opponent to the floor at the end of a playoff game, followed by gesturing and yelling at the crowd has gone viral.  The player thrown to the ground saw the video after the fact and says she is proud of how her team reacted to the violent act.

Okawville Senior, Megan Wienstroer, never saw it coming.

"I remember getting hit in the head," Megan recalled. "And after that I just went to go look for the ball, and then I felt the girl's arm around my neck, and I was on the floor."

While the video of the incident has some parents outraged, the players at Okawville have a different feeling when they see it: Pride.

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"I realized that our team did a really good job after the end of the game," Megan said. "We had good sportsmanship and lined up, and did what we were supposed to do."

"I am praising them," Okawville Superintendent Scott Fuhrhop said. "I'm very proud of that, but that's what we do expect here, and I wish everybody would learn that lesson."

After the attack, the Carrollton players are seen yelling and gesturing to the crowd.  Carrollton School District Superintendent, Dr. Elizabeth Pressler could not legally share the direct results of the action the school took, but did share the school's overall thoughts on the incident.

"A few of our student athletes exhibited extremely poor judgement and decorum," Pressler said. "The actions we took were intended to change behavior that we were not pleased with."

Both sides are disappointed that a great game that should have ended in sportsmanship and celebration is now remembered by one isolated incident.

Wienstroer said, "You don't want the worst thing that could possibly happen to overshadow one of the best moments you're supposed to experience as a basketball player."

"Anytime that it takes away from the kids, "Fuhrhop agreed. "And the emphasis from that night is on negatives instead of the positives of the evening. It was unfortunate for everybody involved."

"As a school district," Pressler added, "we take this very seriously and we have a very high expectation for the way our students handle themselves, and how they represent their school and their community."