Rand Paul Says He’s Heard From White House After Filibuster

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WASHINGTON, DC – The White House has reached out to Sen. Rand Paul after he spent thirteen hours on the Senate floor demanding answers from President Barack Obama’s administration on the use of drones against American citizens, the Kentucky Republican said Thursday.

“We want the president to respond. And what we’re hearing from the White House is they may respond to my question,” Paul told CNN Chief Congressional Correspondent Dana Bash in an exclusive interview Thursday. “If they do, we’re willing to let the Brennan nomination go forward.”

Paul’s filibuster stalled a vote on Obama’s CIA director-nominee John Brennan, who was a top architect of the administration’s drone program.

Pressed for more details on his communications with the White House, Paul said he didn’t have the name of which official had reached out, but did say that “somebody on my staff and other Republican staffs are talking to the White House.”

And he added that Obama and he could have more in common on the issue than it may appear.

“When Barack Obama was a senator, I think he would have been standing with me last night,” Paul said. “I think he, like [Democratic Sen. Ron] Wyden, would have come to the floor and supported me yesterday. I think he’s either forgotten or needs to be more explicit in what his beliefs are.”

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