Sex Trafficking Involving Young Girls

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(KTVI) – St. Louis is dealing with a serious issue: young girls being forced into a life of prostitution, some as young as twelve-years-old, and in some cases younger.

The sexual encounters are taking place in St. Louis hotel rooms. Some of the girls take pictures in their rooms with significant landmarks in the background.

Fox 2 Investigative reporter, Chris Hayes has been following the story for months and has discovered the problem is not limited to the city limit. Girls throughout the state are being abused and lured into a horrific life by men preying on them and making empty promises.

They tell girls they meet online or in person that they can make them stars in movies and or rap videos knowing full well that isn’t going to happen. Instead, the girls are used as sex slaves. They are afraid to run or tell someone what is happening to them for fear their friends or family members will be hurt, maybe killed by their abuser.

Be aware of who your child is talking with on the internet, on their cell phone and house phone. Monitor their communications. If you suspect a child has been forced into the sex trade call police immediately.