Laclede’s Landing Violence Not Random

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - There was nothing random about 2 violent attacks on Laclede`s Landing this past weekend. That's what St. Louis Metropolitan Police Lt. Col. Lawrence O'Toole stressed to reporters during a Sunday afternoon press briefing.

28-year-old Kyle Roberts was killed after being stabbed in neck early Sunday morning. Roberts was from Sorento, IL. He was stabbed in the neck. Another man survived after being shot in the arm early Saturday morning.

O'Toole said both acts of violence started with an argument and both crimes happened near the bar closing time of 3a.m.

"These were people who had a problem with one another," said O`Toole.

O`Toole said Roberts had been with a group celebrating a birthday. He said they had been going from bar to bar when they got into an argument with another group.

Police say the shooting on Saturday also started with an argument between 2 groups. The suspect fired several bullets into a car filled with the other group. Only one man was wounded. Police do not know exactly what prompted the shooting but promised to dig deeper to see if there were any solutions that could prevent future violence.

"We`re looking to do what we can and see what the bars can do to help us intervene if there are problems with alcohol," explained O`Toole.

Mike Logan was visiting St. Louis from Connecticut to watch the Missouri Valley Basketball Tournament on Sunday. He said even with news of the violence he still feels safe in St. Louis.

"I feel extremely safe and I've been walking around quite a bit," said Logan.

Josh Miller works on Laclede`s Landing and hopes for more of a police presence. He wants to make sure tourists are not scared away.

"They come down in great numbers spend a lot of tourism dollars and they should feel safe," said Miller.

O'Toole said visitors can take some common sense precautions to stay as safe as possible.

"Walk in groups, be aware of your surroundings, don't talk on your cell phone while you're going too and from," suggested O`Toole.

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