Big Ten: Wrestler Throws Second-Place Medal In Garbage

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CHAMPAIGN, IL (KTVI) – The Iowa Hawkeyes’ wrestling program has a long tradition of success on the biggest NCAA stages.

Its culture of winning might be the biggest reason why a wrestler discarding a second-place medal is not big news inside of wrestling enthusiasts’ circles.

Senior Matt McDonough dissatisfaction of not winning the Big Ten Championship was clear after his second-place medal was found in the trash according to the Daily Iowan.

McDonough’s 10-4 loss to Jesse Delgado in the title match was the second time falling to the Illini’s sophomore this season.


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The 125-pounder has set the bar high for himself and his performances. He is a two-time NCAA national champion and has an outstanding career record of 120 wins and 7 losses. His current 20-3 record is the first time in his career  he’s had more than two losses for an entire season. McDonough’s other loss came in late February from the Missouri Tigers’ number one ranked freshman, Alan Walters (29-0).This isn’t the first time McDonough has finished second in the Big Ten tourney. In 2010 he followed up a second-place finish with his first national title as a freshman . While he prepares for the NCAA’s again, its apparent he’s looking for another gold medal to complete his decorated career.

McDonough’s loss was 1 of 4 the fifth ranked Hawkeyes suffered as they were shut-out in the Big Ten Championship round. McDonough and his squad will have their chance for redemption at the 2013 NCAA Division I Championships. The national tournament will be held from March 21 – 23 at Iowa State University.

By Veron Culley

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