Caboose Leaves Olivette Home For Museum

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OLIVETTE, MO (KTVI) –  Crews moved a historic train caboose from an Olivette neighborhood to the Museum of Transportation.

This 1952 Wabash Railroad caboose has been a children's destination for years in a backyard on Dielman Road near Olive.

"We've had hundreds of people come through," Dorothy Beaman said.  "But, it needs to be in a public place."

Cranes, trailers, and crews came to the home she shares with her husband Vance Lischer.  The couple donated the caboose they refurbished with their own hands.  On the back of the rail car hung a sign, 'Follow me to the Museum of Transportation'.

"We knew it needed a permanent home," Beaman said.  "The museum will take care of it.  They will show it to lots and lots of people."

"The interior of the caboose has been so well cared for," said Bob Eastin, of the Museum Association.  "It's virtually childproof to the degree that anything can be childproofed.  We plan to continue that tradition by inviting the children in and asking them to sign the visit book."

Train lovers and neighbors gathered around the huge machines in the small yard.  But, one person was missing: Vance Lisch.  Beaman said he is in a nursing facility for Parkinson's Disease.  She tried to bring him home for the move.

"He said, 'No. It's too early.  I will just have to look at the pictures."

So, she snapped lots of those pictures.  And so did her friends of the rail car that tightened their bond for the past two decades.

"It's bittersweet," she smiled.  "It's wonderful, where it's going.  And, it will be exposed to so many people.  But, it's sad to see it go.  It's like a member of our family."

This move will cost $25,000 and should be completed by Tuesday evening.
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