Contact 2: Frosty Appliance Refund

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COTTLEVILLE, MO. (KTVI) – A Cottleville couple says their refrigerator get's a low grade.  They were turned down by the retailer when they asked for a refund.  But that changed when I called the store.

After multiple service calls the newly purchased appliance never quite did the job.   The customers say it's been a nightmare transaction.

Their ice maker needs a human touch. Michelle Carnaghi and her family have been using the refrigerator a little over four months. But Michelle says they have to buy ice.  'If we put the ice in there it will drop it so the cycling is working it`s just not producing it.  It`s never worked'

Michelle and her husband picked out a Samsung side by side refrigerator before moving into their new home in October.  Michelle says they bought it from Frosty's Appliance in Bridgeton.  'We`ve called and they`ve come out several times and we keep hearing the same story....they`re waiting for a part.'

The couple paid almost one thousand dollars for the appliance and a three year extended warranty. The receipt says "parts for any automatic ice maker" are not covered.  But the receipt also says its "new".

Michelle wants a refund.  'I want my money back.  I don`t want to deal with them anymore. I`ve asked over and over for another product or mine fixed and it`s been five months and nothing. '

Well that's changed.  I called the store and we've been told a full refund will be issued this week.  And the refrigerator gets picked up this week as well.   The store manager says the manufacturer had issued a recall on the product.

Be sure you understand what you're getting when buying appliances.  If you want guarantees for ice makers and special features, you have to get that in writing at the time of purchase.   Call us with your consumer concerns.  Volunteers take calls Monday through Thursday from 11:00 am till 1:00 pm.    Call toll free 800 782-2222.

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