Possible Meth Bust In South County

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SOUTH ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO. (KTVI) -St. Louis county police raided a south St. Louis County home housing a possible meth lab, Tuesday, and it’s the second time the home, in a well manicured Oakville neighborhood, has been raided under suspicion of meth.

Officers arrived at the home in the 5200 block of Camelot Estates Drive a little before 3 Tuesday afternoon.  Neighbors say one car arrived, followed by a swarm of police.

“It didn’t take but a couple of minutes there were probably ten marked police cars, a fire truck , and then later on an ambulance came because there was a young person, a little child that was in the house,” neighbor Don Seper said.

Nearly every neighbor you talk to remembers the last time the house was raided.  That was back in June of 2011.  At the time FOX2’s partners at Patch.com reported a child was also taken from the home.  Neighbors say the same people live there.

“Anybody that does that with a child present has got to be out of their mind,” Seper said.  “The danger that they put that baby in, plus the chance of possibly causing a fire in the neighborhood or blowing the house up…it’s stupid.”

Officers remained outside the home for hours.  It was about 8:30pm when a tactical team swooped in, took down the door, and stormed inside.  It was then the search of the home began.

Police weren’t saying what they did or didn’t find, but firefighters on the scene say ingredients for meth, at the very least, were found.

It was a frustrating day for residents, who say their neighborhood is not the kind of place where this should be happening.

“It’s kind of bothersome,” Eric Pearson said.  “We live in safe neighborhood.  The neighbors are very friendly.  The look out for each other.  We have a cop who lives across the street.  Pretty brazen comes to mind.”

Many find themselves wondering how someone accused of the same thing less than two years ago could be back and doing it again.  Many blame the judicial system.

“People who do it habitually seem to walk time and time again,” Pearson said.

Up the street, Seper agrees.

“They ought to put ‘em in and throw away the key as far as I’m concerned.  Especially when they jeopardize a young person, a young child like there was in that house.”

No suspects identities have been released.  At this point no charges have been filed.

Click on Patch, for 2011 article.

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