Spanish Lake Woman Scammed By Fake Ameren Worker

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SPANISH LAKE, MO (KTVI) -- An Ameren Missouri customer says a man came to her Spanish Lake home last Thursday pretending to be an employee of the utility company, "Telling me that he likes to help people with these outrageous bills and he doesn't want to see anybody with their lights off."

She says the man, who was professional in his appearance and dress, told her he could get her $3,776 utility bill drastically reduced, if she gave him $100. So she did. "He told me he works for Ameren. Later on he told me he works for Ameren and Laclede Gas and that's when the light clicked on you couldn't possibly work for both of these places."

Feeling duped, the single mother of two children, one mentally challenged made a quick phone call. "I called Ameren to see if my bill had been paid and they told me nothing had been done on my account."

A college student living on a fixed income, the woman says she simply believed the man was who he claimed to be - an Ameren employee - who would deliver on his promise. "It was hope that this bill is so high, that maybe somebody can really help me with this. It was hope. That's why I fell for it ."

She worries the scammer is going to other homes in her neighborhood looking for more victims. "I don't want other people scammed like I was. This is awful. It's really hurtful that people scam other people out of hard earned money, especially in times like this when everybody is kind of suffering."

Now, she has two wishes: two get help paying her bill and, "I want him to be locked up for scamming people, not just me, but all the other people he's scamming out of money."

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