British Man Fought Shark To Keep It Away From Children

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(FOX) – A British man made international headlines last month for grappling with a shark at an Australian beach to keep it away from nearby children.

Dale says: “I think he’s dying. I think there’s something wrong with him.”

MOS says: “it was pretty scary so i was just calling out to them and they couldn’t understand what I was saying. (cuts to close up with child) do you think you’ll go back in the water?” (child answers) “No.”

The man, Paul Marshallsea, originally hailed as a hero, has been fired from his job as a result of that video.

That’s because he was on sick leave for stress at the time.

His employer, The Pant and Dowlais Boys’ and Girls’ Club Charity in Wales, saw the video promptly firing Marshallsea and his wife.

She also worked with the charity.

The couple told a local news website that they were upset with their dismissal.

While the BBC reports the two had been on sick leave since last April!

The charity has so far made no comment on the case.

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