Giant Mosquitoes Spreading

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ST. PETERSBURG, FL. (CNN) – Mosquito season in Florida has always been bad — but now there’s a new bug in town.

Residents and visitors will be swatting a new “giant” mosquito.

Chris Hopper has the story from St. Petersburg, Florida.

Whether you’re on a downtown stroll, eating lunch outside, or playing golf this summer you have a new “friend” to look out for, and he looks like this! The state considered by many to have the most bugs is about to get a new tenant. A mosquito 20 times the size of the one you’re used to, that feeds day and night, and has a sting some say feels like a poke from a knife.

“We’re used to the little tiny ones that go to the back of your knees and this one’s right in your face it’s aggressive it’s got a nasty bite.”

Deby Cassill, a biologist at USF St. Petersburg, says the “Gallinipper” mosquito first showed up after Tropical Storm Debby. Experts believe the insect will invade Florida during the summer rainy season.

“This thing’s like a pterodactyl in the mosquito world, it’s huge, and for me exciting, for most people, a little scary.”

And for folks like Tom Stephen, owner of Buzz-Off Mosquito Control, it means more work.

“There’s always a means to control mosquitoes this mosquito even though it’s aggressive we can still contain that mosquito by products that we have.”

So bad news is this mosquito targets humans, animals, even fish with a sting that can penetrate clothing. But there is some good news. It eats the eggs of the mosquito we’re used to, and it’s doesn’t carry West Nile, encephalitis or any other serious disease.


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