St. Louis Native Witnesses Pope Francis Being Introduced

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) - A University of Missouri student who is studying abroad in Rome was at the Vatican when the new Pope was introduced.

Eric Savio is a senior and a St. Louis native.

"I feel fortunate to have been here to see two Popes, and I also will never forget seeing the new one introduced," he said. "I just kind of walked into this amazing opportunity."

Savio said the feeling of being there for the historic event was something he will never forget.

"Everyone was cheering really loud and then it got quiet when he came out," he said. "Then he started to speak and there were more cheers."

Eric said he and his friends stood in the cold for hours.

"It was raining, but a little while before he came out it just stopped," he said.

On Thursday, Eric is leaving Rome.

"If it would not have happened now I would have missed it," he said. "I am just glad I was here."

Eric is Catholic and said Pope Francis is a symbol of a new start for the church.

"He has new ideas, and that just makes it exciting," he said.

Eric is scheduled to return to Missouri in May.

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