You Paid For It – An Alderman’s Expensive Decorative Gates

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Alderman Charles Quincy Troupe had a string a profanity laced answers after being questioned about the costly projects. He is accused of spending $365,000 on decorative neighborhood entry gates. Many say his northside neighborhood has more pressing issues.

The City has spent a total of $800,000 on the decorative gates since 2008. Alderman Troupe accounted for a third of that. The money comes from a half cent sales tax for capital improvements that Aldermen get to spend however they want.

Troupe maintained it was a good deal because it provided extra lighting. Troupe opted to get decorative gates instead of just lights.

Southside Alderman Steven Conway also was questioned about the $35,000 in tax dollars that he also spent on decorative gates. He's having second thoughts, saying the project was just too expensive.

The decorative Gates apparently didn't impress Troupe's constituents. He was voted out of office in this past election.

More information:

Neighborhood Entry Monuments And Features FromĀ  2008-2012

1 W. Florissant & Euclid Entry Feature 8/29/2008 $14,813.00
1 Entry Features Kingshighway Blvd & Terry Ave 7/2/2010 $42,840.50
1 W. Florissant (Vera & Shreve) & Kingshighway (Hooke) Entry Features 4/30/2009 $104,132.00
1 Kingshighway Blvd & Maffitt Place Entry Features 3/18/2011 $44,906.00
1 San Francisco Court @ San Francisco Ave Entry Features 2/3/2012 $46,994.00
1 Shreve & Carter Entry Feature & Road Barrier 8/29/2008 $111,655.00
8 Halliday at Grand Entry Feature 1/14/2011 $17,077.60
8 Grand &Russell Entrance Monument Replacement 12/29/2009 $18,623.00
14 Southtown Monument 11/4/2011 $47,915.00
18 Newberry Terrace Entry Feature 6/30/2009 $20,409.80
18 Lotus & Kingshighway Entry Feature 1/31/2012 $43,898.00
18 Highland @ Kingshighway Entry Feature 3/30/2012 $43,247.80
18 Kingshighway & Wabada Entrance Feature & Cul de Sac 11/30/2009 $88,150.53
21 W. Florissant & Shreve Entry Feature 4/30/2009 $23,425.00
25 Kingsland Court Monuments 4/15/2011 $67,170.00
26 McPherson & Laurel Entry Feature 8/31/2012 $25,771.60
26 Enright Entry Feature @ Enright & Hamilton 5/31/2009 $32,713.00
27 Lucille 6333 Entry Feature Construction 6/6/2011 $13,597.00
27 North Pointe at Riverview Entry Columns 2/26/2010 $38,813.00
28 Westminister & Euclid Entry Gate Replacement 3/4/2011 $13,142.00
    • The neighborhood entry monuments/features have been an acceptable public improvement in the City of St. Louis for over 25 years
    • The rationale for their construction is that they give an identity to each neighborhood, they provide a degree of security/safety to the residents and they discourage the gatherings of undesirables on the street corners as many of them have lighting and or gates.
    • Neighborhood entry monuments/features are a standard public improvement that can be found in many locations in the St. Louis Metropolitan area.
    • In many cases, these monument/feature projects also included ADA upgrades to adjacent sidewalks and incorporate access for emergency services.
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