Belleville Woman Claims Abuse Of Authority By Alorton Officer

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ALORTON, IL. (KTVI) - The Alorton Police department confirms a complaint against one of its officers is being investigated.

Belleville resident LaKeisha Coleman was pulled over for speeding on February 6th.  She received a ticket for doing 56 mph in a 45 mph zone.  She says she was speeding to the hospital for a family emergency.

Coleman claims the officer ordered her into the back of his police car even though she had a 3-year-old child in the back seat of her Toyota.

"I felt at that moment abuse of authority," said Coleman.  She says that was the first time in her life she sat inside a police car.

She claims the officer also threatened to arrest her for lacking proof of insurance. Coleman claims she showed the officer proof to the contrary.

The allegations are spelled out in a complaint Coleman filed against the officer the day after she was pulled over.  Coleman has also emailed the Alorton police chief proof of her insurance.

Chief Thomas Howard told FOX2 that results of his investigation will be released next week.

"I felt threatened because here's a man with a gun who I felt was being irrational at that moment," said Coleman "He treated me like a common criminal on the street."

Coleman is now nervous about being pulled over again but talked with FOX2 because she doesn't want the accusations to fade away.

Coleman wants an apology and the officer off the street.  She feels as if she was violated twice.

"He disclosed to me he's an ordained minister so I felt violated on every end."

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