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Dave murray’s lastest forecast and disco…Friday…March 15, 2013:

***all about spring on friday…A fast warm up and a mild to warm day…Only one day…Cooler and turning more unsettled over the weekend***


A mix of clouds and sun…Warmer
Winds: southwest 5-15 m.P.H.
High: 68 degrees…Warmer as you go west and slightly cooler as you go east

Friday night:

Partly cloudy and chilly…Not really cold
Winds: southwest 5-10 m.P.H.
Low: 45 degrees.


Partly sunny…But clouds will be on the increase…Cooler
Winds: southwest to north 5-15 m.P.H.
High: 54 degrees

Periods of light rain…Saturday night and sunday

The weather disco:

A wild day for sky watching on thursday…Now its all about a one day south to southwest flow…Allowing for a fast warm up to take place to a mild to warm afternoon over st. Louis on friday….A big temperature contrast over the viewing area…Ranging from 50’s on the eastern edge of the viewing area to well into the 70’s on the western edges…Around st. Louis…Upper 60’s to near 70 for the afternoon…Enjoy…It is a one day hit…Here comes another front for the weekend…Sinking in on saturday with increasing clouds and then the front gets stuck over southern sections of the bi-state region…And that front becomes the running board for impulses of energy traveling west to east…And each impulse will bring some light rain showers…This does not look likea lot of rain…Certainly not the soaking rods of last sunday…But light rain and drizzle around saturday night, sunday, sunday nigt and even into monday…And with the front hanging to our south…Temperatures will be chilly especially sunday and into next week…Enjoy friday…Think i will take a day off!

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