Louisiana Bayou Residents Offered Sinkhole Buyouts

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BAYOU CORNE, LA (NBC33) – Governor Bobby Jindal announced today that Texas Brine is committed to buying land from residents of Bayou Corne that wish to move away from the area.

Starting on March 18, the company will send appraisers to Bayou Corne to speak to each family about what they would like to do.

Jindal said he will continue to meet with parish leaders and Texas Brine to make sure the company is giving fair offers on homes.

He says it’s taken the company too long to act.

“It has finally gotten to the point where we said, ‘Enough’s enough.’ We finally said that we need to get the president in here and tell him this has to happen. It should have happened a long time ago,” stated Jindal. “Again, this will be a voluntary buyout – for those that want the buyout, this is a good opportunity for them. Local and state officials will continue to work with them (Bayou Corne residents). One of the things the Blue Ribbon Commission is designed to do is to determine when it will be safe for people to go back.”

Jindal also announced the state will add extra monitors on Highway 70, the main highway that runs through Bayou Corne. Residents want to make sure it stays safe to drive on.

By Kris Cusanza

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