Worker Fired After Daycare Abuse Caught On Tape

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DELLWOOD, MO (KTVI)-- A daycare worker 'caught on camera' bullying a young child in Dellwood.  Tonight that worker is fired and police are investigating.

It happened in in a park across the street from the Dellwood daycare.  You can see the worker yank a 2-year-old from the ground then knee the kid to the ground.

Robert Coates recorded it. He said, "I didn`t know what to do. So I seen her dragging him back over to the yard and I start videoing and I`m shaking."

Coates said the scene out here started out even more violently.  He noticed the child running toward the road and he knew the daycare worker was going to have to do something, but he didn`t expect what he saw next.

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Coates described, "She leans back and goes 'wham' on the back of the head and he goes tumbling and I`m like (Coates paused with his eyes wide open and arms apart) and I`m just like standing there stunned for maybe 30 seconds."

He said the child remained on the ground the second time, for at least 5 minutes.  Then he noticed the kid didn`t have shoes on.  Coates said, "I didn`t know he didn`t have any shoes on. I didn`t until she started putting them on."

He sent the video to Police, who sent it to the owner of Aarin`s Infants and Children`s Enrichment Center.

The owner said, "We have zero tolerance when it comes to things of this nature."

Owner Adrienne Pennington said St. Louis County Police also responded immediately.  She said, "The officers were very nice.  I interviewed her, they interviewed her and she was removed from the premises and is no longer employed with this company."

Pennington says she also appreciates Robert Coates, for taking the time to take action on what he witnessed.

Pennington said, "I am thankful because we cannot see everything, even though we run the necessary background checks from Missouri and do everything we need to do on our end, we just simply can`t see everything."

Missouri Inspection Records

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