Dr. Oz Sued Over Sleeping Tip

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Image courtesy of the Inquisitir

(KTVI) – Dr. Oz will take advice from his lawyers after he was sued for what one viewer says was a bad tip on sleeping.

Frank Dietl, 76, filed his claim against the TV host after trying a technique to cure insomnia Dr. Oz gave on his show on April 17, 2012.

Dr. Oz said in order to cure insomnia and sleep better at night, a person can place uncooked rice in a sock, heat it up in a microwave and then wear the sock with rice inside for 20 minutes.

Dietl tried this solution but ended up with third-degree burns on his foot, confining him to his bed for weeks. This has left Dietl having no feeling sensation on his foot.

Dietl blames Dr. Oz for the incident because he says the host failed to issue a disclaimer about the technique being dangerous to people with neuropathy, which Dietl suffers from.

Dr. Oz’s representatives say the host did warn viewers not to let the sock get too hot.

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