Michelle Shocked’s Anti-Gay Onstage Slur

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Folk singer Michelle Shocked gave fans in San Francisco a 'shock' when she launched into an anti-gay rant onstage. It happened during a show here at the Yoshi's Jazz Club Sunday night.

Shocked, a liberal activist and born-again Christian, reportedly started quoting the Bible, used an anti-gay slur and said God hates homosexuals.

"She started talking about hypocrisy in the Bible, the end of days are coming and then took it to a whole other level and said some words that, you know, pretty much offended everyone in the venue." said Lisa Bautista, Director of Marketing, Yoshi's.

The New York Times reports much of the audience walked out after her remarks.

According to several media reports, other clubs canceled the singer's upcoming performances following the incident.