You Paid For It: Riverview Gardens Raises

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ST. LOUIS,MO (KTVI) - Administrators in the Riverview Gardens School District in North County got raises while School District Performance was going backwards.  Many of these school officials were already making six figures.

The state took over the unaccredited school district in 2010 and installed it's own Special Administrative Board headed by Dr Lynn Beckwith.  The District had 5 of the 6 points needed for provisional accreditation before the State Takeover. After Beckwith and company came in that dropped to three.

Beckwith's Board dished out $186,000 in raises since 2010.  This includes a $7,000 raise to Former Superintendent Clive Coleman. He's one of the long list of people who got hefty pay hikes.

We went to the Missouri Department Of Education and questioned Missouri Education Commissioner Chris Nicastro. When I told her about the raises she said "Pay for performance is not a conversation we have had here in Missouri."

If that's the case this might be a good time to start.

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