Mom Fired For Selling Girl Scout Cookies

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WASHINGTON, DC (FOX NEWS) - Some might call it helping a good cause, but one employer is calling one mom's selling of her daughter's Girl Scout cookies while on the job, "Gross Misconduct."

Tracy Lewis won't be able to helpher daughter 12-year-old Itali Marshall's sales of Girl Scout cookies at her job at Bon Appetit on American University's Campus.  Last month her boss fired her for selling Girl Scout cookies.

In her termination letter from the Bon Appetit management company the manager accuses her of gross misconduct by soliciting and operating a personal cash business selling girl scout cookies over the counter which violates company policy.

Lewis has worked for Bon Appetit for 12 years and 28 years on the AU campus.

Bon Appetit's Vice President for strategy, emailed us a simple statement. Employee relations information is confidential. This statement for the Chief Operating Officer of the Girl Scouts council of the nation's capitol should be a wakeup call for any parent thinking about trying to sell cookies on the job: "Girl Scout Cookie sales are a girl-led, entrepreneurial program. We want the girls to be taking the lead"

Troop leader Alina McClerkin is worried what happened to lewis will scare away other potential cookie moms--and end up ultimately her the scouts themselves.

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