Rescuers Talk About Saving Woman From Seizure

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ARNOLD, MO. (KTVI) - It was a daring rescue attempt caught on camera.   A woman driving through a busy Arnold, Mo intersection started to have a seizure.

The video shows a man and woman jumping out of their car and running after her in an attempt to help.

Kristin Martin and Zachery Green are being called heroes by a witness who saw it all unfold.

Tiffany Boyer was driving behind the car and was amazed over the daring actions taken by Martin and Green.

Green believes his actions were what anyone in that position should have done.

'It`s just the right thing to do,' said Green.

'It was like my child was choking,' explained Martin.  'There was no thought.  I just reacted.'

Martin and Green were able to get the attention of Don Grimshaw.  The high school principal was driving a Ford F-250.  Grimshaw drove in front of the car that was out of control in an effort to keep it from crashing.

'I got in front of her and just tried to match up speeds and stop the car with the truck,' said Grimshaw.

He said the car eventually hit a guard rail and came to stop.

'The car kind of went back up two wheels and went back down for a second,' said Grimshaw.  'I thought it was going to go over the rail but fortunately it didn`t.'

First responders say the woman who had the seizure was okay.  That`s all that matters to Martin, Green and Grimshaw.

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