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Road Crews Prepare For Snow Storm

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - The last major winter storm we had, crews were pre-treating the roads two days before the first ice pellet fell. This time, MoDOT and IDOT Are still firing up snow plows. They are loading up salt trucks.
The timing of the storm lends crews an advantage. But, there may be a complication, rain.

"Unfortunately with the forecast coming in  as rain we can't pretreat.  That's unfortunate. We'll hit it hard. The fortunate opportunity is as we all know when you drive around on Sunday morning or Sunday in general traffic volumes are lighter." said Tom Blair - MoDOT Spokesman.

"We are taking time to make sure all our trucks are ready to go." said Joe Monroe - IDOT Spokesman.

Both departments are confident that crews can clear off state roads before Monday's rush hour.  THat is, unless thundersnow develops.  It is not safe for crews to work in lightning storms, no matter how cold it is.

MoDOT asked us to pass along a few tips for drivers this weekend. Stay at least a hundred feet behind any plow or salt truck. Do not pass those trucks even on a road with several lanes. leave early and drive slowly.

Make sure you get to your destination on-time instead of stuck on the side of the road in an accident.

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