Snow Grounds More Than 120 Flights At Lambert

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - A snow storm left more than 120 flights grounded at Lambert Airport.

Airport officials said about 30 percent of the flights scheduled to leave Sunday were cancelled.

The cancellations left a lot of travelers stranded at the airport.

"I am just sitting here waiting on a new flight that will take me home," Cathy Rutherford said. "I have my books, so I can entertain myself."

Rutherford's flight to Sacramento was cancelled.

Airport officials said that various airlines would offer travelers, who are stranded through the night, pillows and blankets.

"We may need them at this rate," Rutherford said. "It does not look like I am getting out of here soon."

However, the storm in Feb. grounded even more flights. Airport officials said more than 300 flights were cancelled.

They added that, despite the snow, hundreds of flights took off from the airport on Sunday.

"I hope to be on one soon," Rutherford said.

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