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Back To Normal At Lambert Airport

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BRIDGETON, MO (KTVI) – A day after more than a foot of snow fell on St. Louis’ Lambert Airport, things appear to be returning to normal, and stranded travelers are finally getting out of town.  More than 100 flights were cancelled Sunday, leaving people scrambling for options during an unanticipated extra night in St. Louis.


Ashley Daniel of Tulsa, OK is a scholarship applicant at Washington University who ended up spending an extra night on a dorm room floor when her stay was extended by the snow.  She found out Saturday night that she would be getting an unanticipated snow day.


“I got a phone call.  Answered it.  Found out my flight was being cancelled.  Started freaking out.  Asked people. Found out a bunch of other kids flights were cancelled,” she said.


Another tired face in the terminal belonged to Geneen Jacobson.  The Utah woman, carrying her four month old son Asher, was attending a wedding in Cape Girardeau along with her husband.  They were there with one eye on the forecast.


“Saturday afternoon we started realizing, ‘Oh it’s 3 to 4 inches.  Oh it’s 6-10 inches.  Oh, it’s 14. We’re probably not leaving.’”


So they re-booked their flight before it was cancelled and extended their hotel stay there.


“We don’t want to spend 14 hours in an airport with a baby,” she said with a laugh.  Asked if the newborn wasn’t up for an overnight at the airport, she responded, “Oh, well, he’s a trooper, but I’m not.”


Airport officials commended ground crews for making quick work of the twelve inches and change that covered the tarmac.  They also applauded the airlines for helping folks who were stuck get through.


“They did a great job last night for the people who had to spend the night. Everything is pretty much back to normal today,” spokesperson Deneen Busby said.


There were about twenty cancellations Monday, many of which were connected to the same storm which was causing trouble in cities to the east.  That’s where many delays came from as well.


Among them, a flight from Washington carrying eight year old Matthew Stith home from his grandfather’s house.  The boy was traveling alone and his mother was waiting nervously for his arrival.


“I just hope he’s doing okay that he’s not…ya know how kids are, they get anxious, they get nervous,” Krystle Stith said.  “I’m just hoping he’s doing okay and praying that he gets here safely.”


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