Snow Storms Keep Emergency Rooms Busy

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OVERLAND, MO (KTVI)-- Dangers from the snow storm could linger on. Hospital emergency rooms may be treating victims for days to come.

When 67-year-old Jim Bayliss shovels snow, he`s never in hurry to get the job done, it`s his way to avoid a possible heart attack.

One emergency room doctor at Mercy Hospital told me he`s surprised they have yet to see any snow shoveling related heart attacks. He has seen several slip and fall cases, six Sunday, one on Monday.

Cherie Burroughs slipped on the ice in front of her home last winter. She injured her shoulder and ribs and was in pain for six weeks.  She`s now more vigilant when the ground gets slick. And she traded her high heel boots for snow boots.

Doctors think they`ll see more slip and fall victims in the coming days.

He said the hospital treated quite a few traffic accident victims during Sunday`s storm.

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