Chocolate Prices Have Increased

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Long lines are forming this week outside of Crown Candy in north St. Louis.  Folks have been waiting more than an hour to buy Easter goodies.

Christina Skales a customer said, "I`ve heard the rumor is it`s worth the wait so were waiting." Customer Alys Rae Fite added, "It`s just a fun thing to do."

Crown Candy owners said, this year the price of solid chocolate bunnies are about the same as 2012, even though chocolate prices have jumped.  Dan Abel owner of Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate said, "Cocoa  butter has gone up which has raised the price of chocolate 25 percent since January."

The folks at the company said the price they pay for cashews have also increased 15 percent.  Experts says the prices of chocolate is up because of supply and demand.  Cocoa bean farmers are not rotating crops in third world countries and there are now fewer acres to plant.

Dan Abel Jr. said, "You can only grow the bean within 20 degrees north or south of the equator, so that land is decreasing by the day."

This year workers at Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate will produce tens of thousands of bunnies and 100 thousand candy eggs, three times as many eggs as last year.