DJ Clue Arrested For Drug Possession

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NEW YORK, NY (KTVI) – Ernesto “Dj Clue” Shaw may need to get a clue to how not to be riding dirty in the streets of New York City. The famous Power 105.1 FM radio host/deejay was arrested Wednesday before dawn for allegedly having a controlled substance in his possession.

NBC 4 New York reports Dj Clue was stopped at a checkpoint in Manhattan when police made the discovery, which led to his arrest. Sources told NBC 4 he was traveling with three pills wrapped in aluminum foil.

Shaw, 38, could be heard screaming his famous alias “Clue” over recorder tracks on his infamous underground mix-tapes in the 1990s. Now the rapper may be screaming for help from an attorney to fight the impending charges against him.

By Veron Culley

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