Ellisville City Council To Decide Mayors Fate Monday

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ELLISVILLE, MO. (KTVI) – After three days of intense testimony and questioning, the impeachment hearing for Ellisville Mayor Adam Paul is coming to a close.

The city council is expected to hear closing arguments and vote on April 8.

The mayor allegedly kicked people out of city council meetings illegally and abused his power.

His attorney, Chet Pleban, said the allegations were a "joke."

"The mayor did not even take the stand because these allegations are ridiculous," he said. "I have said from the start the council should not be deciding this."

The mayor said the council wants him out of office because he opposed a Walmart project that several council members supported.

However, council members denied that claim.

The mayor also said the impeachment hearing was a "joke" and "unfair."

Pleban called is a "kangaroo court."

However, council member Matt Perrillo disagreed.

"This is a fair hearing," he said. "To call is a kangaroo court is irresponsible."

Three new council members were elected on April 3, but they will not take office until April 17, so the current council will still decide the mayor's fate.

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