St. Louisans React Rutgers Coach Abusing Basketball Players

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) – The video that has ignited reaction across the country has sports fans talking in St. Louis.  It shows Rutgers` basketball coach Mike Rice abusing his players.  He has been fired.  Rice is seen throwing the ball at his players, hitting one in the head, kicking players and pushing them and using gay slurs.  Former St. Louis University Coach Rich Grawer said, 'Well, I was appalled.'  Grawer also coached high school basketball.  He said he never laid a hand on a player.  He said there are more constructive ways to get a player`s attention.  Grawer said, 'You can punish players lots of different ways for doing wrong things you can take them out of the game you can make them run laps make them do push-ups run the steps'

In Kirkwood Wednesday night it was a nurturing, positive and educational environment for second grade baseball players.  Jim Grander is one of the coaches, 'To inspire the kids to make it fund to allow them to do the best they can.'

One day the boys will grow up and possibly play college sports.  Their parents don`t want them to become victims of the kind of coaching that took place at Rutgers. Ann Antoniou is the mother of one player she saw the Rutgers video, 'I thought it was disgraceful I don`t think anyone deserves to be treated that way.'

Sports fans at Patrick`s Restaurant and Sports Bar in Westport were commenting.  Bill Lasiter said, 'I just thought it was totally uncalled for.'  Tim Dennis added, 'If it was my son and they was throwing the ball at him I hope he would haul off and bust him in the head.'

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