Video: Bedroom Seen At Bottom Of Florida Sinkhole

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SEFFNER, FL - Shocking video from inside the Seffner home of the sinkhole that swallowed 37-year-old Jeff Bush. In the video you see a deep dark pit in the middle of Bush's bedroom with just edges of the floor around it. In February, as Bush was asleep in bed, the sinkhole suddenly opened up beneath him.

Jeremy Bush says he jumped into that sinkhole to try and save his brother, but it was too late.

"I think about him all the time and I hear him in my head hollering for me to help him still. It's just really hard."

Jeremy was pulled out of that sinkhole by a Hillsborough Sheriff's deputy. Now, this is the first time Jeremy has seen this video.

It was taken by a tethered Hillsborough county contractor with a video camera on the end of a pole that he stuck through the bedroom window.

Jeremy says he's glad the public can now see what the 60-foot deep sinkhole that took his brother's life really looked like.

"It looks totally different than from when I seen it. It's much deeper. Like I said, you can't see anything that was in there, than what I seen before when I first jumped in." said Jeremy Bush.

You might remember, county officials said it was too dangerous to recover Bush's body. Instead the home was demolished and the sinkhole was filled in.
An orange mesh fence now surrounds that filled in sinkhole where Bush's body is entombed.

Flowers are being left on this outside chain link fence along with "danger" and "no trespassing" signs.

Jeremy says now that he's seen this video of the sinkhole, he understands why his brother's body could not be recovered.

"When I first jumped in the hole it didn't seem like it was that deep. And seeing the video and what the county showed it is totally different than what I thought it was." said Jeremy Bush.

Truly a nightmare for this family caused by the rarest kind of sinkholes in Florida.

Hillsborough County has condemned the two homes next to the sinkhole, due to unstable grounds.

Both were evacuated back in February. Officials say soil samples taken in the neighborhood have deemed the rest of the street safe.

By: Josh Rojas

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