Warmer Temperatures Means It’s Planting Time

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) –Maureen Whitsett likes to get her garden going early.

'We don't wait until warm weather, I've already been out,' says Maureen Whitsett who is an avid early gardener.

Her green thumb has her Lenten roses blooming since February.

And if you want to work on your roses.

'Cut out any dead or diseased tissue one inch into the healthy stem and then for shaping and good ventilation and for good appearance,' says Cindy Collins a certified Arborist and owner of Hartke Nursery
It appears many of us will be out this weekend with warmer temperatures on the way.

'I've blown all the leaves off yesterday, I've done pruning and dead twigs and stuff like that,' says Whitsett.

If you're sprung for spring and not thinking fondly of last week's foot of snowfall, guess what?
You need to pay attention to those twigs and branches that have fallen.

'If you have a ragged or broken tear in your trees or shrubs this is really important to prune it back to an area and have a nice clean cut which enables the tree or shrubs own tissue to enclose the wound,' says Collins.

Certified arborist Cindy Collins says now is the time to freshen up your flower beds.

'Removing all the leaves that have fallen and any dead material from last year cutting off stems on your perennials and pulling out any of the annuals that may still be left in there,' says Collins.

For your lawns, Collins says to put your pre-emergents down now to kill weeds later and you could aerate and fertilize your yard this weekend.
But some already know that.

'In fact the day before the snow we both got our fertilizer down because that's the time to do it,' says Whitsett.


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