Schnucks Hit With Lawsuit After Cyber Attacks

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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO (KTVI)– The first legal action has been taken against the Schnucks grocery chain related to recent problems with customers credit card use.

A class action suit has been filed on behalf of a south city resident who shops at the Hampton Village location.

It accused the local grocery chain of failing to secure its data and notify its customers of the problems and seeks to include anyone else impacted.

The suit, naming Michael Bannister as the plaintiff, accuses the grocer of, “violations of its obligations to abide by best practices and industry standards concerning (security).”

It goes accuse Schnucks of cutting costs on security, saying  the chain was after “fleeting benefits in the form of saving on the cost of compliance.”

The criticisms go on, slamming Schnucks for failing to notify individual victims and not providing any kind of credit monitoring or identity theft protection after the breach was discovered.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the store said, “Schnucks has 74 years of experience in doing what is right to protect and serve our customers.  We have not and will not act differently here.  The facts will demonstrate that this lawsuit is without merit.” 

Fox 2 attempted to contact the plaintiff, Bannister, at his South St. Louis home, but was unable to reach him.


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