Could Your Kitchen Appliances Be Making You Sick?

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(KTVI) - Are you unknowingly making yourself and others sick in your own home? The CDC reports many of you are getting sick preparing meals with unsanitary appliances and utensils.

The CDC study determined 21 percent of food-borne illness outbreaks were caused by food consumed in a private home.

Donna DuBerg from St. Louis University shares ways to avoid food-borne illness.

1) in the dishwasher, remember to separate the parts, such as the blender gasket, the rubber spatula before placing them in the dishwasher.

2) Cleaning materials - a clean sponge or a soft cloth so as not to damage the surface of the item;  a mild detergent in warm to hot water depending on the item OR a vinegar or bleach solution if necessary to reduce bacteria and molds.

3) Cleaning strategy - make sure the item is as clean as can be including a disinfecting step if necessary, i.e., in the case of spilled meat juices or when unwashed produce has been stored in the bins; always rinse the item and dry off well either with a clean cloth or let the item air-dry, such as, the knife block; for the meat compartment in particular, after washing , rinsing and wiping the compartment dry, a warm water and baking soda mixture (1-2 tablespoons baking soda to 1 quart water).