FBI Takes Over Investigation Of Bomb Making Material In O’Fallon

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O’FALLON, IL. (KTVI) - The F.B.I. has taken over an investigation involving bomb making materials and a student from O’Fallon Township High School just outside O’Fallon, Il.

Agents searched the student’s home in the 900 block of Scott Troy Road for hours but offered no comment on why.   Earlier in the day, St. Clair County investigators discovered materials that could be used in bomb making.

The scene rattled the nerves of parents who stood by and watched as a bomb disposal unit, bomb sniffing dogs and agents methodically searched the home.
The O’Fallon Township High School went on lockdown for about an hour and a half as a precaution.
The school was on lockdown from approximately 12:00 noon until 1:15pm.

School officials said they are not aware of any evidence that the student intended to do any harm.  Parents were notified by phone and email.
The school brought the student and his close friends to the attendance office where the student was taken into custody.
“You think about Boston and bombs,” said one high school parent.

“Everybody is scared, they’re worried about their kids,” said parent Frankie Tourville.
One high school senior said the lockdown brought tears to his eyes.

The district released a statement indicating the administrators will always error on the side of caution as the safety of students and employees is their top priority.

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