Hazelwood Residents Preparing For The Worst, As Storms Approach

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HAZELWOOD, MO (KTVI) - Victims of last week’s tornado are on edge in Hazelwood as severe weather is forecasted to strike in the near future.

Several Hazelwood residents spent Wednesday tightening their tarps, as they prepare for the worst, but pray the storm stays far away.

Debbie Nesmith’s barber shop is just down the street from ground zero of Hazelwood’s devastation.  With more bad weather in the forecast, she wants to be nowhere near it.

She says, “Well I was afraid the hail damage was gonna be here before I could get out of work today, and I was scared enough to where I wanted to close early and get away from it.”

But her regulars, desperate for haircuts, made that impossible: “I had my closed sign up, but I just went ahead and said, come on back in here, because, you know, I’ve gotta do right by you,” Debbie explains.

Teson Barber Shop customer Gary McKee is hoping the tarp covering his roof stays put.

“I’ve got holes in the roof, trees down everywhere,” he says, “I don’t think it’s gonna hit in the same place twice. I really don’t, we’ll see.”

Over on Townhouse Lane, the street is still lined with debris as the clean-up efforts continue.  Resident Alan Besaw suffered serious damage to his roof. He says, “As a neighborhood, we’re a little scared that our houses can’t withstand something even half as bad as what we just went through, so we’re a little gun shy right now. Trust me; I’ll be in the basement this time, cowering in the corner!”

Besaw spent the day securing the tarps covering his roof and garage, in order to avoid further damage from the imminent storm.

His contractors tightened the tarps in a way that will hopefully prevent mold from growing after a heavy rainfall. Besaw explains, “They shaped all my plastic to funnel to an area with a hole in it to drain water. If something happens to come through, the inner tarps will catch it and funnel it away from the floors and walls at least.”

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