Warrenton Woman Barely Escapes Boston Marathon Blast

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WARRENTON, MO. (KTVI) – A woman from Warrenton is watching every detail from the investigation into the Boston Marathon bombings as closely as anyone.

Lisa Baragiola told FOX2, she was steps away from those killed.

Video shows her actually crossing the finish line in the smoke in the seconds after the first explosion.

She said she wanted the bombers caught but perhaps more than anything, she wanted that feeling of safety that was starting to come back for her return, to return for the people of Boston once more.

'It was like watching a movie,' she said of the experience.

Baragiola is the head of food services for St. Joe`s West Hospital in Lake St. Louis.

Videos show her crossing the finish line near a man pushing a jogging stroller.

He was not hurt.

'I was right there.  I was focused on the clock and then all of the sudden we heard boom...I just knew something happened to make the front of the store blow up, it was so loud.  And at that point you`re exhausted.  You`ve run 26.2 miles. I thought maybe fireworks, maybe a celebratory canon.  Surely it can`t be bombs, nobody would do that to us.  This is a celebration,' she said.

Only after getting away from that finish line, did it start to become clear?
She and her sister were part of the Fleet Feet running group from St. Louis.
Her sister was there to cheer Lisa on.

In the days that have followed, Lisa`s returned home and followed closely all of the developments:  the identifications of the little boy and the two young women who were killed, so close to where she was running; the revelation that the suspects used pressure cooker bombs - kitchen appliances filled will nails to maximize injury; and the search for those suspects.

'I remember with 911 and a lot of these other tragedies that happen.  You see it non-stop on TV and you`re like `enough already`.  Now that I`m in that place, I can understand why people want to see it.  Now that I`ve been in that position I understand why you want that media, you want the answers, you know...we all want answers and I`d like to see the people of Boston feel safe.  We couldn`t wait to get out of there.  We couldn`t wait to get home,' she said.

It was her 19th marathon overall; 2nd in Boston.

She planned for it to be her last marathon.

She said the bombings changed that.  She felt like she had to run another marathon.  This could not be the end.

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