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Cat Saves Dog In Ohio

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TOLEDO, OH, (CNN) – This Ohio dog is likely alive because of a cat’s bravery.

Izzy, a terrier mix, owes her life to Sammy, the family tabby cat.

On Monday Izzy was attacked by a big dog after wandering out of her yard.

Vets say the bigger dog had Izzy in it’s mouth and it’s teeth punctured Izzy’s abdomen

That’s when Sammy came to the rescue.

The tabby cat puffed up and distracted the dog.

Dr. Kittsen McCumber, Veterinarian: “The big dog saw the cat, dropped Izzy, took off after the cat. The family was able to pick up Izzy to bring her in here. The cat got away safely up a tree and literally saved this dog’s life. The family said what’s ironic is that Izzy chases that cat all the time and the kitty must have felt a loyalty to Izzy and raced over there and squared off with the bigger dog.”

Izzy has serious injuries, but is expected to make a full recovery.

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