Blues Clinching Playoff Spot Means Big Win For Businesses

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) - St. Louis Blues fans filled the Scottrade Center Tuesday night for a possible playoff spot clinching game.

Many fans purchased advance playoff tickets at the Scottrade Center Tuesday morning.

The Blues started the night needing a win or a tie to earn a spot in the 2013 NHL playoffs.

The Blues defeated the Colorado Avalanche 3-1.

"We need the playoff games here, and we really want to see more hockey," Roger Charleville said. "Go Blues!"

The Blues making the playoffs is a big win for downtown businesses.

Many of them lost revenue as a result of the NHL lockout.

"It is great for this area," Mike Ribaudo said. "I am down here spending money know because of the Blues."

Downtown hotels, bars and parking lots are expected to cash in on the Blues victory.

"People forget that all of those places employ people, and when the Blues get in the playoffs that means more hours for downtown employees," Charelville said.

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