Koreans Consider Bill Gates Rude

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SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – Microsoft founder Bill Gates is under scrutiny for his handshake form with South Korea President Park Geun-hye.  Gates shook her hand with his jacket open and his other hand in his pants pocket.  There are speculations that Gates may or may not have realized what his hand shake symbolized.  The Asian culture views a one-hand hand shake as very casual. Also, one hand in the pants pocket is considered rude and an expression of superiority.

“Perhaps it was his all-American style but an open jacket with hand in pocket? That was way too casual. It was very regretful,” said Chung Jin-suk, secretary general at the Korean National Assembly.

This hand-shake has generated major buzz online debating cultural differences.

To stir up even more controversy, it has been noted that Bill Gate’s met with two other South Korean presidents previously and gave proper handshakes.  There has been media speculation alluding that it may have been intentional to express his political stance.

Gates was on a three-day visit to South Korea to promote his nuclear reactor development, TerraPower.

ABC News’ Joanne Kim contributed to this report.