Lincoln County Residents Worry About Additional Flooding

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LINCOLN COUNTY, MO (KTVI)-- Residents living along the Mississippi River in Lincoln County remain on edge, even as the river appears to have crested.  Flood waters began pouring over the levee system near Foley and Winfield Monday, and water continued creeping toward homes, particularly in Winfield, for much of Tuesday.

There was little residents could do but wait.  What sandbagging there was to do was already complete.  Some were moving furniture out of their houses, while others sat by waiting to see if the water would get in.

“We thought we’d be all right then it got a little higher and started coming over the levee and we thought we were in trouble,” Foley resident Ron Cameron said.  “You hear a lot of that and you don’t know what to believe.”

Down the road from Cameron’s home, Angie Bluhm and her family weren’t taking any chances.  They had already moved most of their belongings to the second story of their barn.  They say they learned their lesson back in 2008, when this town flooded last.

“We only got six inches in the house the time before but it was enough to ruin everything,” Bluhm said.

She says it’s frustrating that the high waters are back, but she says they will endure.

“I’ve had people say why do you live down there?” she told us.  “This is the flood plain and you know you’re gonna flood.  And quite honestly I love my home.  My neighbors, I have great neighbors and I love the quietness out here.  I really don’t want to live anywhere else.”

For emergency workers the entire episode has been an exercise in frustration.  Those who want to protect and serve are limited in what they can do when the river is in charge.

“I feel that I have a responsibility for them and I haven’t had good answers for them on what’s gonna happen and what’s not gonna happen and it’s kind of a frustrating situation,” Foley Police Chief Lance Oerter said.