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Madison County Sheriff’s Department Looking For Police Impersonator

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MADISON COUNTY, IL. (KTVI) - A suspicious traffic stop in Madison County, IL has police wondering whether the supposed officer was an imposter.

A 17-year-old driver reported that she was pulled over on northbound Godfrey Rd. near Beuttel Rd. just south of the Jersey County border.

Investigators want to hear from anyone who saw the stop on Friday, April 19th at 6:15pm.  They believe a large white car was used to make the stop.

The witness said the man pulled her over with a flashing blue light on his dashboard and warned the driver about registration related offenses.  She described him as a white male, about 30 to 40 years old, about 6`1' to 6`3' tall with a brown crew cut, no facial hair and wearing a blue button-up shirt and dark pants.

Capt. Mike Dixon with the Madison County Sheriff`s Department says a single blue light on a dashboard is often a sign of an imposter.  He says there have been approximately 8 other suspicious traffic stops in Calhoun, Macoupin and Sangamon Counties.  Dixon does not believe the cases are connected but says in each case the witness described a blue light.

'If you simply see a strobe light on a dash that`s removable, that`s when your sense of concern should be heightened,' said Dixon.  He added that law enforcers typically have either blue and red or all red flashing lights.

'I don`t want to cause chaos in the community,' cautioned Dixon.

He does want to catch anyone posing as an officer because of the harm it does to the real ones.

Dixon is concerned that drivers could overreact.  He said one driver already drove away from an Illinois Trooper.

Officers in unmarked cars do make traffic stops.  If a driver does not feel safe, they can call 911.

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