Rain Adding Misery For Calhoun County Residents Hit With Flooding

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CALHOUN COUNTY, IL (KTVI)-- The Illinois River is out of its banks and still rising.  Tuesday it blocked roads and flooded riverfront property in both Jersey and Calhoun Counties.

A woman trapped by high water on Route 100 in Kampsville was rescued with the help of a county road truck.

Road closures in Calhoun County forced drivers to take circuitous routes along back roads that added as much as half an hour to school bus rides and commutes.  One Post Office employee said she had to climb over five pasture fences to avoid flooding and to reach her car.  She then faced a longer than usual drive to work in Hardin.

Three ferries used regularly by Calhoun County residents who work in St. Charles County and St. Louis or Alton are closed due to flooding.  They include the Golden Eagle, the Brussels Ferry and the Winfield Ferry.  Drivers must now drive to Hardin and cross the Joe Paige Bridge into Jersey County.  Since Route 100 south is closed they have to go out of their way to Jerseyville before heading south to Alton and St. Louis County.  That can turn a 28 mile one way trip into a 70 mile trip.

The Nutwood Levee District is watching a levee on the east side of the Illinois River.  It protects Route 16 and access to the bridge to Hardin.  Tuesday it was described as in good shape.

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